Tuesday, March 23, 2010

That's Steve. Scott's dead. Whatever.

I'm attempting to do the impossible. Well, not the impossible, but the extremely monotonous and frustrating. I'm rewatching every episode of Lost so that I can be properly prepared for the series finale (an idea which quickly lost its excitement after the eighth Where are you hiding the guns?! conversation).

In my journey to send my brain into a constant state of numbness and forever traumatize me from riding in aircrafts and/or being on beaches, I have kept up my morale by recognizing many secondary characters that I completely forgot about (e.g. Katey Sagal, the love interest in Ed, the best friend in Ed). But the best connection I've made by far is that of Harold Perrineau, a.k.a. Michael.

Here he is as Mercutio at the Capulets' masquerade party, which then leads to the most captivating cinematic moment of my preteen years (6:44 - 8:22), which then leads you to remember how awesome it is that Paul Rudd is in this movie.

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  1. i just watched 30 minutes worth of clips from romeo + juliet. way to suck my time in!!!