Thursday, April 29, 2010

Can I bite you or pull your hair or use the Epilady on you 'cause I really need to do something.

Surprisingly, I have been watching (and enjoying) the ABC series Parenthood, which follows a large, middle class, American family that spans three generations as well as almost every pivotal child age- which I'm sure is by no means a ruthless ploy to widen the program's intended market.

If you like, you can follow the grandparents, Camille and Zeek, and their story line, which includes marriage and money troubles. I predict that cancer will be added to their plot plate soon as well, but that's mostly because Zeek is played by Craig T. Nelson, and this show is a Rachel McAdams-less version of The Family Stone.

Or you can watch Crosby (Dax Shepard) reconnect with 5-year-old son he didn't know he had and his son's mother. If you're like me, you'll secretly hope that Dax will convince some higher-ups to give his girlfriend an in and throw in a Veronica Mars sideplot. Because there really aren't enough plots as is.

We also have the lawyer mom, stay-at-home dad combo and the parents who are torn between their newly-dating daughter and their son with Asperger's. (NOTE: The other day, I happened to be watching The O.C. on SoapNet, and it was the episode where Summer's going to fly off to Rome with Zach and his family, and Seth is sad and listening to Boyz2Men, and then Summer sees a little boy playing with a toy horse in the airport who looks like Seth- the boy, not the horse- so she goes to find Seth and kisses him Spiderman-style. Yeah. Well, that little boy was played by the same kid who plays the boy with Asperger's in Parenthood. You're welcome.)

However, the most entertaining sub-family in the show is that of Sarah Braverman (Lauren Graham), single mom and her son Drew and daughter Amber (Mae Whitman. She played the little girl in Hope Floats). And to be quite honest, the sole reason I like them is because they are an alternate universe Gilmore Girls.

In fact, they share several plot lines with GG, including needing your parents to bail you out, dating your daughter's teacher, and going back to school. But the major difference, apart from an overindulgence in eyeliner, is the fact that Sarah Braverman didn't give birth to perfect little Rory Gilmore; her kid is bitter, maladjusted, and sexually active. It's essentially Lorelai Gilmore raising a young Lorelai Gilmore.

Here's a clip:

Throw in a little Milo Ventimiglia, and I'll be hooked.


  1. How could an alternate universe Gilmore Girls include half of the original Gilmore Girls?

  2. The magic of television? I don't know, but it really bothers me when it says, "1 comments" above your comment. NOT PLURAL.

  3. Ah! This week's episode! Lorelei is on the front porch counseling bizarro-Rory about an ill-advised sexual encounter and Amy Sherman Palladino sues for plagiarism.