Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Dear Duggars, Upon the News of Your New Pregnancy.

Dear Duggars,

*Sigh*  Where do I begin?  If you had let your children watch television, I'm sure one of them would have told you that eight is enough.  Or perhaps that a dozen children is surprisingly not cheaper.  Or that even if you have ten kids, your new husband has eight kids, AND you live in a lighthouse, your art room will still get all messed up.  My point here, dear Duggars, is that you have surpassed the requirements for an entertaining sitcom, a lighthearted family romp, or an interesting documentary-style show on multiples.  You are now veering dangerously close to a Monty Python sketch, and I'm not talking about the lumberjack one (even though you did build your house by yourself).  So, please consider stopping at 19.  19 children is plenty, and plus, that's a lot of kids to keep track of if the Nazis decide to run you out of your home in the Swiss Alps because Jim Bob won't join the army.

All my love,

I couldn't NOT include this.

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