Thursday, September 3, 2009

Do you have a (Real World cast member in your) fish tank in your foyer?

Over the past 5 years or so, The Real World has transformed from an innovative look at the lives of young adults- their problems, relationships, and prejudices- into an opportunity for attractive young people to get drunk and sleep with each other.  Of course, only those prone to confrontation and overreaction need apply.  However, through these last painful seasons, there have existed a few shining beacons of hope.  I'm talking about the funny guys.  These few gentlemen provided the sole moments of entertainment and for that they deserve our applause.
(Disclaimer:  Funny guys of the RW also tend to be dicks.  But I suppose it's better to be a funny dick than just a dick.)

Isaac - Real World: Sydney
Isaac had so many crazy stories that I thought that he was lying 90% of the time.  Mr. Internet assures me that he was not, and that he did in fact rob a bunch of houses, light fireworks into someone's house, and do LSD, causing him to have hallucinations about birds.  He also took a nude dip in the house's aquarium, probably killing most of the fish.

Ryan - Real World: Brooklyn
Ryan made the oversized cowboy hat cool before Spencer Pratt realized he could make a lot of money by living up to his last name.  Ryan's other costume pieces included an Uncle Sam costume and a brown suit with a handlebar mustache (because he didn't have anything "nice" to wear to a private party).  He also delighted us with his musical critiques of his roommates, possibly outing Chet.  [See:]

Bronne - Real World: Cancun
These guys tend to get bored easily, which accounts for their proclivity for pranking and, in Bronne's case, the production of a zombie movie filmed by and starring only himself.  His boredom actually stemmed from being alone all the time, as he was kicked out of the house for throwing a fire extinguisher off of the house balcony.

These are only the most recent funny guys.  Earlier funny guys include Mike "the Miz" Mizanin, and Frank from Las Vegas (but really only in comparison to his roommates, whose senses of humor were extracted at birth and replaced with outrageously high libidos...which made for awkward childhoods).

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