Thursday, October 1, 2009

What the shiz, SNL?

F it, SNL! What are you doing? I have been defending you for YEARS now, and you go and screw up like this? Gah!

Listen, SNL, I've loved you ever since elementary school, when my dad said I couldn't watch The Ladies' Man* because it had too much sex in it. You've spawned every famous comedian from here to New Adventures of Old Christine, and I've always been behind you. When people told me you sucked, I still watched you, EVEN THOSE MAYA RUDOLPH-DONATELLA VERSACE SKETCHES.

And for a while, it didn't look good, BUT THEN, you stumbled onto a series of politcal sketches that were full of wonder, hilarity, and Tina Fey. Weekend Update had been funny since the beginning with Chevy Chase, but now life dealt you a group of politicians so cartoonish, you couldn't not make fun of them (in the non-WU time).

AND NOW, you've stolen that all away. Weekend Update Thursday, which by the way doesn't even make sense, has ripped all the political satire from what's that? SATURDAY NIGHT taking Amy Poehler (granted, she was gone a little earlier what with the birth of Archie and all) and Darrell Hammond with it.

What are you left with? Megan Fox? In the words of Seth and Amy, uh, really? REALLY? The only thing that people talked about after watching the SNL season premiere was the newbie dropping the f-bomb. And that's not gonna cut it. We all love a badass until Christian Slater tries to blow up the school, SNL. I'll be watching you...somewhat reluctantly.

Upcoming hosts and musical guests:
October 3 ~ Ryan Reynolds, Lady Gaga
October 10 ~ Drew Barrymore, Regina Spektor
October 17 ~ Gerard Butler, Shakira

And a clip, of course:

* I have no idea how to handle the titles of sketches grammatically and am too lazy to look it up. Actually, an observant person would tell you that I don't know how to deal with titles at all and just italicize everything.

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  1. I actually thought Maya Rudolph's Donatella Versace was pretty funny. She wouldn't stop yelling!!!!!!!