Sunday, January 25, 2009

Dear Duggars

Dear Duggar Family,
I do NOT understand why a DVD is an appropriate birds and the bees talk. I do NOT know what translation of the Bible stated that Jesus turned water into grape juice. I do NOT know what is wrong with dancing, and I DO have a few problems with marriage skits involving siblings. I do NOT understand what kind of "authority" a husband has over his wife in marriage, and I'm still unclear as to anything the oldest boy said during the birds-bees talk with his dad. I also don't know how it took you 16 kids with names that start with "j" to get to Jennifer.

However, the fact that you had something about two becoming one on a huge banner as well as the carat-carrot joke won me over.

Love, Laura

P.S. Have Amy over more often, but know that she's giving your children Dr. Pepper and awkward advice about kissing. Thanks.

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  1. I am also pretty sure Amy would say no to matching polos.