Thursday, April 2, 2009

next up, little women ii: how amy march stole laurie.

Spotted today in the Popular Library section of the Harold Washington:

Dear Jane Odiwe,
Congratulations on writing a book about the most unlikable character in British literature.
A youngest sister who fears that Lydia Bennet has created a bad name for youngests-in-the-family worldwide.


  1. Um...wasn't that called Saved?

  2. I am the Lydia Bennet of the 21st century. Finally my voice will be heard.

  3. Thank you for giving my book a mention!

    I like to think that no one is bad through and through - perhaps Lydia, though silly, is a product of her upbringing. Her mother spoils her and her father ignores her so I imagined this would have an effect on her character. I wanted to see if I could change people's perception of her and I had a lot of fun doing it!
    Jane Odiwe