Thursday, April 2, 2009

mustache contest ... interesting. so even if you win, you still lose.

So I was going to try and write a post around this photo.  And the more I try, the more I realize no words can do this gem any justice.  Amber Tamblyn.  Alexis Bledel.  All Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants references aside, if I could choose two brunette former television actresses to share a bottle of red with on a Friday night, it'd totally be these two.
Apparently the story behind the 'stache is that Tamblyn was at the 10th Anniversary party for Nylon magazine and wanted to avoid party photographers ... right.  I'm quite sure the real reason was she wanted to avoid Mary-Kate Olsen and that one Cheetah Girl.  Wait, WHAT?  That's not MK?  That's Little J?  Apparently I'm not the ONLY one who's been loving LC's vamp-esque red lipstick in The Hills Season 5 promo. xoxo Alice Cullen.
On a completely random note: If you ever want to win my undying love and affection, tell me I look like Amber Tamblyn.  It worked for this one girl on my calcio team.  Do I actually?  Not so much.  But it helped me forget that Calcio Girl graduated from a rival high school and I never head-butted or shin-kicked her once.

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  1. What's interesting is that the title of this post is a little too much like yesterday's Basketball Jones video podcast title.