Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Bonnie Somerville: Actress, Singer, Ex-Girlfriend of Zach Braff

I did it.  I watched Labor Pains.  And it was pretty mind-numbing.  However, it did lead me to an interesting fact.

One of the main characters is played by Bonnie Somerville.  If the face looks familiar, she's Mona from Friends and that woman who tried to seduce Sandy in The O.C. (also, Cashmere Mafia and that Lifetime movie with John Stamos, Wedding Wars).

If the name sounds familiar, it's because you saw it on the back of your Garden State soundtrack.  She sang Winding Road for the indie blockbuster, and this fact has been blowing my mind for days.

AND NOW, I've learned that she's in a charity cover band called Band From TV with Greg Grunberg (Alias and Heroes), Hugh Laurie, Teri Hatcher, and Jesse Spencer (aka na na na na na na na na sheets of Egyptian cotton).  True story.

Here's Band From TV.  Oh hey, Wayne Brady and Joey Fatone, what's up?

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