Tuesday, July 7, 2009

"instant like-ability."

STOP THE PRESSES.*  Amy Duggar** is a singer.  Amy Duggar has an album.  Amy Duggar, as her Web site will tell you about 18 (pun intended) times, has "instant like-ability."  And Amy Duggar, judging by the photos on her site, is smoking hot.
I'm just going to invite you to visit AmyDuggar.com and see for yourself, as words can't do justice to the pure joy that is the homepage of my favorite member of the Duggar extended family.  And since I don't know how to embed audio clips, and don't really care enough to learn, I strongly suggest you go to her Music page and listen to a clip of one of her hits, "It's Odd, I'm Even."***
I also learned that her stage name is Amy Jordyn.  Now, the Web site spells this name two different ways, Jordan and Jordyn.  This makes me wonder if it used to be Amy Jordan, and she changed it to Amy Jordyn in honor of her new cousin, Jordyn-Grace Makiya.
Her album is available through her Web site for $14, shipping included. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't considering it. Roommate-former, you now know what to expect for your next birthday.
* I don't know how this cliche applies to blogs.
** Cousin Amy from the TLC program 18 Kids and Counting, for those of you who have apparently NEVER READ THIS BLOG.
*** I haven't decided yet if this post is written ironically or un-ironically; I'm learning toward un-ironically. 

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  1. 1. I'm pretty sure she's totally gonna get smited for that hole in her jeans.
    2. Where is she sitting, the entrance to the TMNT's underground hideout?
    3. I'm making her website into a drinking game and drinking every time I read "instant like-ability."