Monday, August 10, 2009


A couple of posts ago, I expressed my non-excitement for the star-stuffed and boringly titled film Valentine's Day.  Then yesterday, I watched the trailer for New York, I Love You.  From the producer of Paris, Je T'aime, it uses a similar format (a bunch of unrelated short stories with different directors all in the same city).  And while it probably has MORE stars than Valentine's Day and does not appear to contain a vampire plot line (pre-annoying, sparkly vamps) like PT does, I think I already like it more.  Probably because, if it's anything like PJT, it covers a wide range of relationships and ultimately is about the relationship between the city and the people.

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  1. Before reading the whole post but after glancing at the title, the title of the video clip, and the first two lines of the post, I recoiled in horror as I honestly thought this was a movie version of I Love New York. You know, the show about that idiot who was on the other idiot's show first.