Sunday, August 2, 2009

True Life: I Miss You, Gideon Yago

During the 2000 presidential election, Gideon Yago began working for MTV.  During the following five years, Ex-Roommate and I grew to love him.  He often appeared in MTV News' interruptions of the regularly scheduled programming (aka I Love the insert appropriate decade here), and he worked on documentaries and specials on health, world events, and politics.  He's interviewed some pretty rawsome people, and his writing's been featured in some top magazines.  OH, AND HE'S THE NARRATOR FOR TRUE LIFE.

So, now we must ask, where are you, Gideon Yago?

Well, he's hosting the second season of the IFC Media Project (Independent Film Channel,, which is a "hard-hitting examination of how the news gets made and how it impacts our daily lives."  Plus, he wrote a script called Underdog which has been acquired by Focus Features.  So, keep an eye out for Gideon Yago cause I've got a hunch we'll be seeing a lot more of him...

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