Wednesday, June 17, 2009

clip of the day.

Granted, today's clip of the day should have been the clip of about three weeks ago.  But my co-blogger and I recently returned from a weekend that included two reeeeeally long car trips, and this version of this song enjoyed far more iTrip time than anything else.
So I've heard all the cries of, "oh Lauren this is a rip-off of High School Musical," "oh Lauren this is a rip-off of American Pie," "oh Lauren if you let anyone know that you convinced me to watch this instead of the Blackhawks game I'll kill you."  But I refuse to let any of those arguments detract from the glee that is Glee for the following reasons:
#1.  Solid use of Chucks.
#2.  Solid Broadway-TV crossover by the girl from Spring Awakening.
#3.  Solid use of Matthew Morrison, who plays the "grr I'm stuck in a dead-end Revolutionary Road marriage" teacher, who made aforementioned co-blogger's and my high school "Famous People We'd Like to Meet When They're Not So Famous Anymore" list (if you don't know who Matthew Morrison is, as most people admittedly don't slash don't care that they don't, don't ask me, because I'll give you a five-minute long explanation that will make you forget what question you asked in the first place).
Anyway, this is pretty much my top pick this summer to blast in my car to the point where I'm not really singing along so much as yelling along.  I say pretty much, because I am still obsessed with "My Life Would Suck Without You" and am only a little ashamed to admit it.
So enjoy, and then head over to the FOX Web site and watch the Glee pilot.


  1. Is that Jason Biggs in the wheelchair?

  2. Also, I'm pretty sure there's a cymbal crash that happens WHILE Chris Klein is handing the sticks back to the drummer.

  3. I would kick these kids ASSES.