Sunday, June 7, 2009

Jenny, I Got Your Number...

So, I've been hearing some rumors that Jenny McCarthy, with help from her friend Oprah, is getting her own talk show (Newsweek,  She already has her own blog on, and "Friday's entry concerned PMS and sugar."  THUMBS UP!  

When I read this, I thought to myself, "Wait, didn't Jenny McCarthy already have her own show?"  You betcha!  It was a sketch comedy show that she left Singled Out to do (and which included Brian Posehn from The Sarah Silverman Show).  See theme song below.  NOTE:  Ex-Roommate, if you don't want to see a cheap bastardization of The Mary Tyler Moore Show theme, don't watch.

I, for one, am thoroughly disappointed that Jenny is changing her image from the woman who picks her nose on television to the woman who hosts a super-lame talk show aimed at (yuck) Oprah fans.  Especially because I LIKE JENNY MCCARTHY.  Sookie from Gilmore Girls is her cousin!  She has one of those relationships where she's beginning to physically resemble her partner!  Did I mention she hosted SINGLED OUT???

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