Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Dear Duggars

Dear Josh Duggar,
Just a few tips here.  Perhaps it's not the best idea to tell your OB/GYN that your wife is great at swallowing, even if you are just talking about vitamin intake.  You also might not want to grill your cousin's boyfriend about what he would bring to a marriage, as I am already keeping a close watch on the sexual tension between you and your cousin.  Also, sushi and go-karting may not be the best date night for you and your pregnant wife, who has been having terrible morning sickness lately.  

Judgmentally yours,

P.S.  Amy's Date, I did not appreciate your suggestion of naming the baby after a Transformers character, and as a result, I do not feel bad for you that Amy decided to "respect her family" and not kiss you all night.  HA.


  1. "I would like to pray for the baby that's being processed."

  2. Please someone just help her with that flat hair!!!!!!

  3. you guys are really cute togthter and tell your cousion amy hey

  4. i am a big of u and amy i really do like u guys u all are really cool and u seam like really sweet ppl