Saturday, June 20, 2009

smart boys make passes at girls who wear glasses.

Apparently this blog is turning into a commercial love fest, but I am in deep like with these LensCrafters ads.  I should probably be screaming cute overload or something.  But the cockles of this girl's heart?  Consider them warmed.  Granted, the first time I saw the "I heart" LC logo I was thinking more Laguna Beach than fashion-forward frames, but I got onboard.

But the print ads are just as freaking adorable! Roommate-former sent me this one recently:
And this one showed up in a magazine I was reading.  Fact: Ninety percent of the reason I'm a fan is because the guy looks like Ben Folds.
AND THEN, in "researching" this post, I came across a long-ago LensCrafters campaign that featured everyone's favorite '90s singer-guitar-player-Sarah-Silverman-Program guest star.  Yes, Lisa Loeb, "I Do" want to "Stay" a LensCrafters customer (I crack myself up, for real).


Oh hey ps LensCrafters?  Hi.  I just went on a completely non-sarcastic rant about how much you rock.  Please send me some coupons, as I still haven't told anyone I lost my readers on a copy-editing pizza run, and am probably doing permanent damage to my eyes.  K thanks bye.


  1. So does this mean you actually have Lisa Loeb on your iPod now? Cause if not, you're a hypocrit.

  2. granted, you can't see much of the woman's face, but i think she looks like rashida jones.

  3. Laura, you are correct. Also, I come from a Pearle Vision family, so I will not be making hand-hearts around this post or any LensCrafters store.