Saturday, February 28, 2009

Two Thumbs Up! Fine Holiday Fun!

As I am currently in Spring Break limbo (post-classes, pre-travel, with campus looking like the set from Children of the Corn [I yelled "Outlander!" in the library today, and nobody noticed]), I find myself watching really horrible movies...and loving it.  Here are some truly rotten films that I can't stop watching.

Grandma's Boy
I was only able to catch part of this movie, but WHO KNEW Linda Cardellini is in it!  Granted, this movie is not nearly on par with Freaks and Geeks and would probably be much more amusing if I spent the majority of my time getting high, but I can't resist a good robot voice.

Van Wilder
Um, so maybe I always watch this when it's on, whatever.  The cleverness of "Naomi is 'I moan' backwards" just gets me every time.  I'm sure there are revolting scenes that would probably turn me off from this movie that are cut out for tv, but I can't pass it up.  It's like Ferris Bueller goes to college, but it's less overquoted by everyone I know (I immediately detest every teacher who does the Ben Stein role call...and believe me, there have been quite a few).  Plus, if you pay attention, you'll see Sophia Bush, AND this movie makes Tara Reid seem like a serious journalism student.  So, it's magic.  

The Hot Chick
I know.  You're thinking- Rob Schneider, no way.  But come on, even Amy Poehler was in Deuce Bigalow, and HELLO, the girl Rob switches bodies with...RACHEL McADAMS.  And her mom is Jan from The Office.  AND Matthew Lawrence is in it.  That's like a recipe for success.  Kindof.  If none of this sways you, give it a shot simply for the scene in which Ashlee Simpson gets a drink spilled all over her. 

Main character, BARTLEBY, gets rejected from everywhere he applies, so he starts his own fake college and has sex with Blake Lively.  Now that I think about it, the title is actually somewhat misleading.  Jonah Hill plays the responsible one, Lewis Black essentially plays himself, and Justin Long DOESN'T get his eyes ripped out by a giant flying cannibal monster.  What more could you ask for???

So you probably won't watch any of these today or tomorrow.  But come Thursday, after you've been stuck at home with your family for almost a week, and you've caught yourself up on LOST, and you've watched two Monk marathons, turn on Comedy Central before noon.  You're gonna love it.

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