Friday, February 20, 2009

west wing guest stars who would make a better nathan detroit than oliver platt:

If you read this blog or talk to me on any sort of regular basis, then you're already well aware that a new Guys & Dolls revival has hit Broadway. And starring as that lovable commitophobe Nathan Detroit, immortalized on screen by a slightly silver-haired Frank Sinatra, is none other than ... Oliver Platt. 
Even my father, whose love for musicals extends solely to those whose cast lists include my siblings and/or me, is left puzzled by this particular choice.  Nothing against Oliver Platt; the man starred in Flatliners (which happens to be the only place left where Loyola students can enjoy the Jes Res Lawn). 
But I finally got to the West Wing Season Two episode today where Platt makes his first appearance (which, if my father asks, I watched online, not on the box set that I swiped from our basement the last time I was home), and it's left me questioning what other beloved West Wing guest stars might be more aptly suited to handle the vim and vigor that is sure to be Lauren Graham's Adelaide.

Matthew Perry: 
Once I remembered that Matthew Perry guest starred on the West Wing at all, I considered just stopping the list right here.  First of all, he and Lauren Graham are already good friends/possible lifemates, which I learned from separate interviews on Ellen.  Second of all, 1955:  Everyone wants to marry Frank Sinatra.  2005:  Everyone wants to marry Chandler Bing.  Could it BE any more obvious?


Mark Feuerstein:
I haven't reasoned out quite yet why he should be included on this list.  But I highly enjoyed his work on Good Morning, Miami.

Christian Slater:
The man could stand to beef up his resume.  This way, my roommate might stop asking, "Is this the one where he's got the baboon heart?" every time his name comes up in conversation.  Also, Heathers.  Always, Heathers.
Taye Diggs:
He guest starred as a Secret Service agent.  How cool is that.  We already know he can sing.  Idina Menzel would agree.  And Guys & Dolls could stand a multi-cultural facelift.  


Alan Alda:
For obvious reasons.


  1. "Second of all, 1955: Everyone wants to marry Frank Sinatra. 2005: Everyone wants to marry Chandler Bing. Could it BE any more obvious?"

    Is it the post that's already 4 years old, or the 2009 revival of Guys and Dolls?

  2. excuse me for playing with round numbers.

  3. Three Sounds At OnceFebruary 20, 2009 at 5:12 PM

    God, Oliver Platt and Matthew Perry were both SO good in Three To Tango, I simply can't decide between them! Three To Tango, Perry was babysitting Neve Campbell for her boyfriend whose wife in the movie was played be the woman who played Kirsten in the O.C. IN THE O.C., she was married to Sandy Cohen, played by Peter Gallagher who was in Guys and Dolls! DOTNOSE.