Tuesday, February 3, 2009

hot box (gilmore) girls

Words cannot express my excitement.  Lauren Graham, better known to anyone worth knowing as Lorelei Gilmore, is in previews right now as Adelaide in the newest Guys & Dolls revival on Broadway.  This is the greatest thing to happen to a Guys & Dolls revival since Peter Gallagher played Sky Masterson ... in the last revival.
Granted, my knowledge of Graham's singing talent is pretty much restricted to that one time she and Rory sang the theme song to the Pippi Longstocking movie.  But they rocked that.  Can she tap dance?  Who really cares.  Because I am totally digging her as a blonde.
Dear Mom and Dad, I know you want to buy me Guys & Dolls tickets for my graduation present ... yes?  Cough cough shameless hint cough?


  1. Do you think Barbie Diewald reads this blog?

  2. Can I be in this musical too?! I can play Sarah Brown. Things that make me perfect for Broadway and indicate that I am just as qualified as Lauren Graham include:

    1) I am also a WB/CW mom.
    2) I played Mary Tyler Moore's daughter in the spin-off film 'Mary and Rhoda'.
    3) I appeared in the off-broadway classic musical Foxy Ladies Love/Boogie 70s Explosion
    4) My current character's favorite book is Les Miserables, and I frequently make my students read it for a punishment as well as for self-growth and enlightenment.

    Did I mention I can sing? Get back to me ASAP. I'm desperate to get off my current crappy teen soap.

  3. its lorelai gilmore- if youre going to write blogs for the whole cyber world to read the least you can do is fact check before you post