Wednesday, February 25, 2009

things i will be giving up for lent:

::Blogging about the West Wing.
::Buying skirts from Urban Outfitters that look like my Rosary kilt from Flynn & O'Hara.
::Sleeping on my broken magenta couch, thinking that it will force me to actually wake up on time for my Machiavelli class; it will not.
::Ending every sentence with "yo."
::Listening to SO MUCH Taylor Swift.
::Mouthing the words to Legally Blonde: The Musical and occasionally miming "snaps" while I'm on the Halas treadmills.
::Trying to be like Grace Kelly.
::Trying to be like Chet from the Real World.
::Trying to be like Sarah from the Real World.
::Trying to convince my roommate that Ryan from the Real World is a stand-up guy.
::Trying to steal my roommate's identity.
::Photoshop-ing photos of my dog.
::Watching the Real Housewives of any county.
::Writing inane blog posts during my photojournalism class, and, consequently, Google Image searching "Ryan Real World mustache" during my photojournalism class.


  1. I love Taylor Swift. ALLOWED.

  2. i like that Jody Davis is tagged in this.